Using Digital Tools to Improve B2B Marketing Results

This is our graphic guide to the digital tools and digital marketing tactics that will enhance the performance of some of the most popular B2B marketing campaign strategies used today.

It accompanies our rather more detailed Whitepaper “Are You Maximising Your B2B Marketing Opportunities?” and provides an easy to read summary of that document. Read the guide here or download the guide as a PDF to enjoy later!

If you have any questions, would like some more information, or data, then let us know!

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Founded in 2001, WRD is a specialist B2B and B2C digital marketing agency delivering paid and organic digital campaigns across the UK, Europe, and North America for global brands, enterprises and SMBs using SEO, PPC, Paid Media, Content, Dev, and Design.

This guide reviews six common B2B marketing tactics, including ABM, Marketing Automation, PR, and Personas, and explains how to significantly increase your ROI from each tactic by using additional digital marketing tools and solutions.


Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

ABM is a highly targeted sales and marketing approach concentrating on specific accounts with personalised and tailored messaging

Additional Digital Tactics to Improve ABM ROI

LinkedIn Ads

Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator and LinkedIn Ads to build specific target list of accounts, companies, and individuals – serve highly focussed creative ads and drive them to customised ABM landing pages


Run tightly focussed Google Search Ads (use location targeting to focus on your recipient’s ABM office locations) and rank ABM landing pages organically to capture relevant targets

Remarketing Ads

Run Remarketing ads to users who visit/land on ABM landing pages (from any channel) and drive them back to complete a conversion, goal, or action


Key Strategies

Target specific entities with LinkedIn Ads. Run PPC and SEO to capture target accounts/users. Use Remarketing Ads to entice users back to complete a goal or action on ABM landing pages


Marketing Automation

Streamlines marketing processes to automatically serve and deliver relevant content – encourages more users to move down the sales funnel

Enhancing Processes and Messaging Using Data and Integration

Data Integration

Comprehensive conversion and UTM tracking in Google Analytics (GA). Integration of automation, lead nurturing platforms, and GA. Feed GA conversion data directly into CRM (e.g., Salesforce) for insights


Remarketing Ads

Run personalised Remarketing Ad campaigns using a refined content strategy based on insights, create “lookalike” audiences based on conversion data, and target audience with ads online


Key Strategies

Integrate all lead nurturing, automation, CRM, and analytics systems to provide deeper insights, guide messaging and approach. Run Remarketing Ad campaigns and target “lookalike” audiences on ad platforms


Customer Personas

Developing accurate personas helps boost sales by tailoring your product/service descriptions and offerings to their needs and expectations

Improved Personas, Tighter Targeting and Using Data to Inform

Lookalike Audiences

Use existing customer databases to create “lookalike” audiences within ad platforms, focus on new audiences (and existing customer database) with demographically targeted ads


Persona Based Keyword Research, Run PPC and SEO

Undertake Keyword Research to identify highly specific search terms relevant to each persona. Use these in PPC campaigns, across campaign landing pages and websites to rank organically via SEO, and deliver even more tailored content


Key Strategies

Use existing data to develop greater understanding of your customer’s profiles and needs, use ad systems to identify and target new persona groups. Run Keyword Research and use identified search terms within focussed SEO activity and PPC ad campaigns


PR and Comms

Raising brand awareness, maintaining a positive brand reputation, and becoming seen as thought leaders in a sector via media/analyst outreach, influencers, social media, and content to build a brand’s profile, generate enquiries and engagement

Enhancing PR’s Impact with Search Data and Clever Targeting

Google Friendly Content Creation   

Run keyword research around the core PR content topics, use relevant keywords within content provided to the media, online publishers, and on client websites to increase visibility, rankings, engagement, and traffic


Demographic or Location Based Ad Targeting

Promote specific PR content to relevant media/influencers via tightly targeted ad campaigns. Campaigns can be run using demographic targeting on ad platforms (e.g., specific publishers) or even location-based targeting (e.g., publisher’s location) via Google


Key Strategies

Use search data to elevate visibility of content, improve relevance to audience, and generate organic traffic. Test clever ad targeting strategies to engage with media, industry, and influencer targets


Content Marketing

Creating and sharing valuable, educational, or interesting content to demonstrate expertise in a relevant industry sector. Nurture brand awareness, engage audiences, and build customer relationships

Expanding Content Marketing Channels to Increase Visibility and Reach

Optimised Content for Organic Reach

Use focussed keyword research to create more highly targeted content and attract improved organic search engine rankings. Build additional content around keyword topics or themes identified within the research to pick up a broader audience via organic search


Demographic Social Media Ad Targeting

Build tightly focussed ad campaigns on relevant social channels (e.g., LinkedIn) using demographic targeting to promote your valuable and helpful content directly to your target audience. Use Analytics data to adapt content creation plans to focus on content delivering greater engagement rates


Key Strategies

Build organic search rankings across a keyword theme or topic to position your business as an industry expert to users who are not aware of the organisation. Promote your content directly to a target demographic via social ads, and adapt your content creation based on hard data


Community-Based Marketing (CBM)

Developing collaborative groups of users that have shared interests to enable them to engage, communicate, collaborate, and support one another. Providing the platform for, or initiating, this builds positive brand awareness and advocacy

Using Digital Tools to Improve CBM’s Reach

PPC Search Ads  

Run PPC campaigns across highly relevant, non-transactional, search terms to enhance visibility, attract your audience, and grow your community


Optimise Community Content

Ensure all centrally, or community, created content is optimised for search engines to significantly increase the community’s visibility and attract new professionals. Support content creators within the community by providing them with dedicated keyword research data


Utilise Data to Adapt as Community Grows

Use comprehensive data analysis, tracking, and reporting to deliver continuous improvements on the community platform in terms of engagement, features, design, UX, and UI. Identify “sweet spots” where community activity can lead to sales engagement for your business


Key Strategies

Run PPC search ads to attract new community members. Provide your community with the tools and data to generate content that resonates well with search engines. Use data to continuously analyse, develop, and enhance your community platform


Conclusion: Maximising Your Results

Limiting yourself to one of the six core marketing tactics covered above will, in turn, limit your results.

Thinking strategically and understanding the added value of the supplementary digital tactics available to you will enable you to maximise value, engagement, and results.

Including SEO, keyword research, digital advertising on search and/or social media (including demographic, interest-based or affinity targeting) will supercharge your reach and results.

Finally, using data for advanced tracking, monitoring, and analysis enables you continuously optimise your campaigns, delivering the best results possible, and significantly increasing ROI.

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