Terms & Conditions

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today Posted Mar 26th, 2020

Terms & Conditions

Web Results Direct will be supplying various services to the person or organisation named on its invoice and that is the client.  Sometimes we work through a third party such as a web design or PR agency and in those cases, to avoid doubt, the relationship remains between Web Results Direct and the design agency unless agreed otherwise.

The great majority of our relationship is defined in our email correspondence and at all times the word and spirit of those emails defines the relationship between us and the client.  Where matters are discussed it is strongly recommended that these matters are confirmed by email to avoid any doubt.

Web Results Direct will charge what has been agreed and the client agrees to pay us within 30 days of date of invoice unless agreed otherwise.

We shall always use all reasonable care and attention to do things as well as we can and we expect clients to also provide us with the necessary information and items to conduct our services on a timely and efficient basis.

If we make a mistake or do something wrong and we accept that mistake then the liability can never exceed the charges which we have invoiced in respect of those services.

If you want to stop working with us or we want to stop working with you, then, unless agreed otherwise, monthly and quarterly billed services require three months’ notice and ad hoc services require one month notice.  At the end of the notice period all invoices from Web Results Direct must be paid and neither party owe the other party anything.

If we have to go legal on stuff (never had to since 2001) then we agree to do so in a court based in England and Wales and following those laws.  If third party debt collection costs are incurred on overdue invoices then the client agrees to indemnify Web Results Direct on all reasonable charges associated with that collection.

If you would prefer to have a more formal legal agreement then we are happy to instruct solicitors at your cost – but we think that these terms and conditions work much better for both of us.

For the more detailed terms for our web hosting please download this pdf.

Web Results Direct is registered as a private limited company in England and Wales and has the company number 4308094.

Our registered office is:

The Old Corn Store
Peper Harow
Surrey  GU8 6BQ

The Directors of the Company are David Glaser, Steven Cooper and Adrian Barry

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