Should I Use SEO or PPC? Why not both?

Should I Use SEO or PPC? Why not both?

Marketeers are often in a position where they find themselves having to choose between PPC or SEO, often based on budget limitations, perceived constraints based on their campaign goals/objectives, and sometimes instructions from above.  We believe that this is a false dichotomy. SEO and PPC both have strengths and weaknesses and by using them together…

Digital Marketing for Wholesale Food Distributors and Manufacturers

Digital Marketing for Wholesale Food Distributors and Manufacturers

COVID-19’s Impact on Wholesalers, Distributors & Manufacturers  As we head into our fourth, but sadly not final, month of the worldwide Coronavirus crisis, we wanted to turn our attention to the food industry and how wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers, in particular, have been impacted.   Following official government guidelines, restaurants, leisure facilities and non-essential shops across…

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Web Results Direct are a trusted partner in developing and executing on our SEO strategy. From optimising our content backlog to mitigating risk during a large website update, they make sure that every strategic change we make has SEO air cover. The team has enabled us to rediscover value in our significant bank of existing content, ensuring that our past investments continue to deliver future results.

Web Results Direct (WRD) were Hendeca's chosen provider of web hosting, web design and to lead our marketing campaigns. We chose WRD because they accurately interpreted our vision for the website and made us feel very secure in their ability to host the site. We had previously found marketing a daunting task but WRD gave sound advice and were transparent in the costs. More than anything though, they were great to work with; reliable, very quick to respond and a fantastic team of people always available with help and support. On behalf of all of us in Hendeca we cannot recommend them highly enough!

Thank you to Adrian, Reuben and all the WRD team for their efforts in helping us optimise 2 new websites. The work they did has helped us to grow our total website traffic by 56% year on year, our organic search traffic by 108% year on year and our conversions by 159%. The knowledge and insight they have, has made a significant impact on our rankings and ultimately led to an increase in sales.
It is an absolute pleasure working with the team at Web Results Direct. They are responsive, knowledgeable and always willing to go the extra mile to get things done. We’ve found their expertise and consultancy on both the SEO and PPC side has really helped us grow our business and improve the quality of our inbound leads. We would definitely recommend them.

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