The Ultimate Guide to Setting Up, Managing, and Troubleshooting Google Shopping Ads Campaigns

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Google Shopping Ads 101: A WRD Whitepaper

This WRD Google Shopping Whitepaper is a top-level introduction to setting up and running product ads on the Google Shopping platform and is aimed at businesses where selling products via eCommerce ads to consumers (and other businesses) is key to increasing sales and driving up revenue.

Designed to be a 101 guide for those new to Google Shopping, the Whitepaper provides information on platform features, managing ad campaigns, best practices, common issues, setting up Shopping feeds, benchmark metrics, and much, much more (with 32 pages to explore, we’ve hopefully covered off a lot of your questions).

A key marketing tactic, and channel, for eCommerce B2C websites and stores, as well as catering to B2B companies selling/reselling products directly online, Google Shopping offers advertisers a platform that enables merchants, retailers, and manufacturers to reach an incredible number of their potential customers online.

The Whitepaper aims to give readers an introduction to Google Shopping, how it began, and evolved, it’s current landscape and features, and how it can be used by advertisers, both in-house and across agencies to promote products online, drive sales and raise brand awareness.

It covers off some common issues and frequently asked questions that arise when using the platform and shares a benchmarking guide with key relevant metrics across a range of industries. It concludes with a review of the current trends on Google Shopping and how it may evolve in the future.

If you are facing issues with your existing Google Shopping Ads campaigns and need some help, or are interested in speaking to one of our Paid Media and PPC specialists to explore the opportunities available with products ads on Google, then get in touch.

The Ultimate Guide to Setting Up, Managing, and Troubleshooting Google Shopping Ads Campaigns

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