How to Use Webinars to Build Leads

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today Posted Jan 7th, 2017

List building is something most businesses engage in these days, and building a large list of targeted contacts is a fantastic marketing asset.

You can use your email list to share news, information and promotions with your targets, and it keeps you top-of-mind. You can also use it to direct more people to your website, generate more engagement with your blogs, and more.

There are many techniques for building leads, but one of the most effective is through holding webinars. Here’s a quick way to start building leads through webinars.

How It Works

The basic idea is that you create a webinar around an interesting and informative topic, something that will provide value to your target audience.

You then invite people to sign up, and you provide them with access at a given time and date. They can then come along and watch live from wherever they are in the world.

A webinar can last for as long as you want, and in it you can answer questions, provide tips and give an instructive lesson to make it really worthwhile for attendees.

Why Webinars Are So Effective

Webinars provide value to your audience, which is important no matter what type of content you provide.

They also demonstrate your authority. If you are teaching a topic, this shows that you know what you are talking about, and this is good for your brand image. They can also help to show your personality, which is important because people want companies to be authentic.

Obviously webinars are excellent for lead building, but they are also useful for marketing afterwards. For example, you can turn them into videos and slides for YouTube and SlideShare, and you can post them to your social media accounts.

If you have a number of webinars, you could even place them on a webpage and require people to sign up to get access to your library, and this can be another good way to build leads.

Use CRO Tactics to Increase Sign-Ups

Once you have your webinar in place and you have set up a landing page, you will want to do everything you can to increase the number of people signing up for it.

First of all, that involves promoting the webinar. The best way to do this is via your blog and on your social media channels. You may even want to consider running a paid social campaign to spread the word about your webinar.

You will also want to use CRO techniques on your landing page, which we’ve talked about before. This involves highlighting the benefits, using a compelling headline, making the sign-up process easy, and using social proof, directional cues, and more.

One useful trick you can use is to record the webinar and make it available after the live event has ended. You can then state this clearly right next to the CTA button, so people who are considering signing up may be put off by the thought that they might miss the actual webinar.

By reassuring them that they can still watch it at a later date, you will be removing friction and it could have a positive effect on your conversions.

Plan Your First Webinar

Could webinars work for your lead building? Try one yourself and find out. Brainstorm some ideas that you could build a webinar around by thinking about your customers’ main pain points and the questions they are asking.

You could even ask your existing customers which topics they would like you to create webinars on. If you can come up with a few ideas, it may mean webinars could be a good option for you, so try it out and see how it goes.

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