Remarketing: Top Tips to Remarket to the Correct Audience

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today Posted Mar 29th, 2016

Remarketing (also known as retargeting) has taken the online marketing world by storm in recent years. If you haven’t experimented with this technique, now is a good time to try it yourself. Remarketing can be used in many different ways to drive visitors and conversions, so here are some of the best tactics you can try.

Provide Non-Converting Visitors with Special Offers

When people visit your website and spend time browsing your products, but fail to make a purchase, you need to reach out to them and tempt them back.

One way to do this is to provide them with special discounts and incentives to make it worth their while.

There are many possible reasons why they may not have converted, but a special offer is a great way to tempt them back so they can complete their purchase.

Segment Your Campaigns

The more targeted you make your online marketing campaigns, the better. When it comes to remarketing, this means cementing your campaigns so that you speak more directly to each target.

You could split up your campaigns by targeting people by the amount of pages they view on your site or for the amount of time they spend on a certain page. You can then create different ads and CTAs to tempt these specific customers back.

Bid on the Right Pages

When you set up a remarketing campaign, you can target people depending on which page they visit. It therefore makes sense to spend more of your marketing budget on targeting people who abandon your shopping cart compared to people who have visited your home page.

These are the people who are more interested in your products, and you’ve got a better chance of converting them. Or you could target people who have visited lead-generation pages but failed to convert. Target these lost leads again and remind them to return straight away.

Alter Your Message After a While

After a while, you may find that your CTRs are dropping. This could be a sign that the people you are targeting have become fatigued with the ad they keep seeing.

This is a great time to change it up to renew their interest. You could change the design or the message, or even the offer you are providing them with, to try and attract their attention again.

Don’t Forget Existing Customers

Remarketing tends to focus on targets who have not converted, but don’t ignore your existing customers. Once someone has made a purchase, you don’t need to follow them around trying to get them back to your site, but you don’t have to ignore them completely.

You could remarket to them in a few months, perhaps for a new campaign or a sale that you are running. Or maybe provide them with a discount for their loyalty.

Give Remarketing a Go

If you haven’t yet explored remarketing for your business, try it out yourself. These tactics are some of the best ways to get the most out of the technique, so experiment with some of these and see whether you can take advantage of the benefits of remarketing for your business.

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