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today Posted Apr 8th, 2015

The written word has always been the fuel that drives marketing on the internet.  The online God Google and its little minions we know as “bots” may seem to be all powerful, but actually, its powers are really quite restricted as far as working out what your business website is actually all about.

One of the only elements it recognises on your web pages is text – so for optimisation purposes wording which shouts about your services, products, target market and root to market are essential.

Who is reading your web site text?

There was, historically, a tendency for some digital marketing agencies and SEOs to create text that was simply present for optimisation functions and nothing else (bad stuff!).

In other words, the text was written for the search engine bots and not for the human visitor. The result was that visitors were often faced, at best, with repetitive vacuous text, and, at worst, pure gobbledegook.

Hence, when the optimisation worked, the text attracted the target market to the website. When they got there, they voted with their feet (or fingers perhaps) and left instantly because the site was not clear, engaging, exciting or did not help prospective customers through a buying process.

Unfortunately, penguins can now read…

Adding to the dilemma was the fact that Google cottoned on fast to the devious little ways that SEOs were using (and misusing) text to propel their business websites up the search engine rankings.

Why should this bother Google?  Well, Google is a business with many competitors. Therefore, in order to maintain its position as the most often used search engine on the planet, and keep its customers coming back repeatedly by offering the best user experience and an unparalleled search experience, they knew their customers must see the most relevant websites for their search query at the top of the search listings. Definitely not poor sites that have jostled their way to the top through illegal and spammy SEO practices.

So Google clamped down on weak text, repetitive keywords and key phrases, link farms like article sites when they released their penguin and panda changes to the Google algorithm. This has changed the landscape totally for optimisation and meant website owners really had to create substantial powerful text or face filtering out of the Google listings, or even penalisation.

This all sounds as if things have got a great deal harder for the businessperson trying to get their products and services seen online. On the contrary, it may have been hard to swallow at first but the fact is it has made websites a whole lot more efficient, and, most of all, it has increased website loyalty and brand awareness, as well as increasing conversions.

Skilled marketing text that attracts the search engines and converts visitors

Websites are now more powerful because they focus more on the visitor. The prospective customer, having been attracted to the site through legal and effective optimisation based on quality content, is also more likely to delve deeper into the site because the text is robust enough to enhance brand awareness, facilitate loyalty, guide visitors successfully through the buying process and instigate a sale or contact.

Here at Web Results Direct we have always believed in quality content for the simple reason that is intrinsic to any product or service you buy, give loyalty to, or have faith in.

We are also aware that not everyone has the time to write content, or is a budding Shakespeare when it comes to putting eWords to paper. That is why we create high quality, and properly optimised, text for clients, which not only attracts the search engines, but converts as well.

From website content, blog articles, press releases, newsletters and email campaigns, we have the words to put your brand at the top of the pile. To learn more contact us on 01483 429222 or, to learn more, take a look at our digital marketing consultancy services.

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