PPC Advertising on Bing – Why It Is Still Worth Advertising On Bing

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today Posted Sep 23rd, 2014

Regardless of the impulse many of us might have to utter the words “I’ll Google it” when meaning “I’ll search for it on-line”, there are still plenty of good reasons for advertising on Bing.

Formerly known as MSN adCenter, Bing Ads offer a number of the benefits and features that Google AdWords do – but for fewer pennies.

There is no denying that price is one of the strongest arguments for advertising on the Microsoft-owned search engine, in fact, as there is less competition on here than on Google. As a result, your budget may enable you to buy better keywords on Bing that normally only big corporates can afford on Google. Granted, it’s true that Bing has less traffic compared to Google and you therefore are a bigger fish in a smaller pond rather than a tiny fish in a massive pond, but Bing-powered searches account for almost 30% of the total – and when you consider how many billions of searches are done daily, this pond isn’t so small after all.

How do Bing Ads Work?

Bing Ads are run on both Bing and Yahoo! search engines, which is why Bing can grab such a hefty chunk of the searches. And why a lower cost-per-click (CPC) together with a higher ad ranking on Bing can be worthwhile.

There is no need to set up two accounts, though, as both Bing and Yahoo! use Bing Ads as their advertising tool. The added bonus is the interface is very similar to AdWords so if you are using Google currently then running a campaign using Bing should prove a doddle – you can even import your Google AdWords account.

Furthermore, sometimes it’s good to do something different, to generate leads from a different source and promote your business to a different audience. After all, Bing and Google appeal to different demographics and you could tailor your Bing Ads accordingly.

With some good features for making advertising easy and providing smart ways to analyse results for the improvement of future campaigns, Bing is worth adding to your marketing plan. It may not be the giant of the search engine market but your budget will go further on a platform that still commands a decent audience.

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