On-line Call Tracking – The Importance Of Website Call Tracking For Your Business

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today Posted Aug 22nd, 2014

By tracking the source of all telephone call leads from your website you gain greater understanding of what is and isn’t working about your website – and can potentially increase sales as a result.

Every business nowadays appreciates the importance of having an online presence and driving traffic to their website but many companies are missing out on the potential of extra sales from online customers who opt to make the purchase offline.

A lot of web visitors find the information they want from websites but then decide to talk to a person, be that in-store or on the phone, to make the actual purchase.

Do you know how many calls your website generates? And where these calls come from? We really hope you’re nodding a resounding “yes” right now but if you’re not there’s no need to worry – finding out where your customers-who-like-to-call come from, is surprisingly easy.

You can see how the customer found you and what triggered the telephone call, using a website call tracking provider like Freespee. Thanks to the simple placement of tracking code, each visitor to your website is presented with an individual phone number, depending on how they found you. This then enables you to link each customer back to the source, which may be organic search, paid-for advertising or direct traffic.

And Google has just announced its very own call tracking facility in AdWords, making it easier for businesses using AdWords to link every call back to the particular ad and keyword. Bound to be a popular feature, it’s simple to use with “the snippet” of code generating a Google forwarding number which can be tracked whether the user dials the number or clicks through from their smartphone. This unique number shows for up to 90 days and can be worked to match the look of your website.

When you have data, be it from the likes of Freespee or thanks to Google part of your AdWords campaign, you can start to play around with your website and marketing campaigns to discover what really makes your customers tick – and by tick, we mean, pick up the phone to you. You’ll soon learn invaluable information such as what calls-to-action, advertising and discounts, generate the biggest number of callers, and can fine-tune your digital marketing strategy for improved offline results.

Website call tracking matters because it’s important to understand where every customer comes from, both on- and offline.

If you want to make more sales and grow your business, it’s time to start tracking the source of all call leads from your website.

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