Increasing LinkedIn Company Followers – Top 10 LinkedIn Tips For Company Pages

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today Posted Apr 2nd, 2014

Increasing LinkedIn Company Followers

LinkedIn offers businesses and companies a great opportunity to increase corporate engagement. As many of you will know, LinkedIn is a great source of information for business professionals, a fantastic place to build and develop personal business networks and an invaluable way to share content, and interact, with like-minded peers, colleagues, prospects and customers.

But how do you go about building a following for your company page? Here are some great little tips to help increase and grow the numbers of followers of your LinkedIn company page.

Top 10 LinkedIn Tips For Company Pages

 1. Directly invite your LinkedIn connections to follow your company page via a direct message which would include a link to your Company Page ( You should also include brief information about your company and why they should follow you/the benefits of following you (company employees can also do this in order to increase engagement & reach)

2. Placing the LinkedIn button (and potentially other social media buttons) “above the fold” on your own corporate website (i.e. at the top of the website, usually top right)

 3. If you already have a LinkedIn button in the “right” place on your site, make sure that you are using a “follow” button, rather than a simple link to your LinkedIn company page. When clicked on, the user automatically follows your company page This link will provide you with the right button for your designers to use: (

 4. Ensure that the LinkedIn Company Page URL is included on all marketing communications, including corporate email signatures, email campaigns, etc. – basically anything that is sent out electronically!

 5. Increase the number of company status updates, exact numbers vary but 2 to 3 per day is probably optimal – include relevant 3rd party content rather than just your own corporate specific information/articles – try to tailor/choose the status updates that will resonate with your audience/s – look at hot/trending topics and industry issues for your market/your customers and, ideally, share in the morning!

Note: Updates need to be interesting/valuable/relevant to your audience – think about it as a member of your own audience – would you share your company update on LinkedIn if it came from another organisation? If not, then your followers are also unlikely to share it…

 6. Take part in LinkedIn Group! Groups are very popular and there are more than a million established on LinkedIn – they’re an effective way to highlight your Company Page to the Group and attract more followers. You can start your own topics for discussion, or you can contribute to popular discussions that other members have created – encourage employees to do the same

 7. Cross-promote on your other social media pages. Ask your Facebook Fans or Twitter Followers to follow your company on LinkedIn. Give them the link, add an enticing call-to-action, at worst they’ll ignore you..

 8. Ask staff to share your company LinkedIn updates on their own LinkedIn profiles, this will significantly increase reach

 9. Follow all your client’s LinkedIn pages (some are likely to follow you back), let them know that you’ve done this!

 10. Launch a Follow Ad campaign – Follower Ads appear throughout LinkedIn and can be targeted to members in specific industries, companies and regions to help you attract the right followers for your company.  These ads encourage potential followers to click on the “Follow” button and join your page.  When members follow your company, that action spreads through their network as an update, which motivates others to follow too

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