How to Engage Visitors the Moment They Arrive on Your Website

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today Posted Jan 13th, 2017

Increasing engagement with website visitors is important for any business. When a visitor starts to engage with your brand, they become more involved. They spend longer on your site and discover more about your business – all of which makes them more likely to read your blogs, share them, get in touch and even make a direct purchase.

But how do you increase engagement?

There are various strategies you can implement, and here are a few of the most important.


Create an Engaging Explainer Video

A simple, engaging video can provide a quick, clear and convincing introduction to your business and products, and this can help to engage visitors from the moment they arrive.

It could be animated, such as a fun animation along with a script and sound effects that will be easy to watch on any size device. Or it could be an introduction by someone in your team such as your CEO.

Whatever the format, keep it short – under a couple of minutes is best.

Make sure it has a specific purpose. This is usually to encourage the visitor to explore the site further, but it could be to download your free white paper or get a quote.

Whatever your goal, try using an explainer video to achieve it. It provides an effective way to explain what your business does and how it can benefit the visitor quickly and convincingly. At the same time, it shows your brand’s personality, helping to form a relationship with visitors.


Feature Recent Blog Posts

When people land on your home page, you want to invite them in to explore further. There is rarely one single option available, and instead you want to draw them into your site so they can explore and find what they want.

If they are looking for a specific product, clear navigation is essential. But what if they are not looking for anything in particular? In this case, encourage them to read your latest blog posts.

You can do this by linking to them directly from your home page. Include an image, the title and a short description, and entice them to click through to read your post.

The blog is often the best place to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise. It is also a place to show your personality, and this makes it a good way to start building a relationship.


Ask for Social Follows and Shares

Don’t hide your social media channels away. Instead, make them clear and easy to find. Add the Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc, symbols right at the top of the page, and if a visitor uses one of those sites, they may be encouraged to follow you.

Also, don’t forget to add social share symbols to your blog posts. Make it clear that you would like them to be shared, and make it easy for visitors to do so.


Ask Visitors to Answer a Quick Survey

A survey is an effective way to increase engagement. As soon as someone answers your questions, they are immediately engaging with your brand.

Make it quick and simple so it doesn’t ask too much of them. For example, ask them about the design of your site, an element of your products, or something else relevant.

Don’t do it for the sake of it, and instead make sure you really get some useful information out of it. Always thank them for participating, and again this will help to start building a relationship.


Use Other Ways to Engage

These are just a few options, and there are many other ways you can engage your visitors from the moment they land. For example, you could add an entry popup encouraging them to sign up for your free report or provide a live chat feature so they can speak to one of your team directly.

Think over which of these ideas could work for your website, and then implement them and test them to increase engagement with your visitors as soon as they land on your site.

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