Inbound Marketing: Why It’s Perfect for Small Businesses

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today Posted Mar 28th, 2017

Inbound marketing is one of the most effective ways to market your business online. Rather than disrupt prospects with adverts that capture their attention, it is all based on providing value and building relationships.

A lot of what we do here at Web Results Direct plays a role in inbound marketing because social media, SEO, visitor generation and conversion are all important elements.

Here are some of the key benefits for small businesses to help you decide whether it’s right for you.


Generate Trust

Trust is an essential element of doing business online. If you want your prospects to become customers, you need to get them to trust you first.

Inbound marketing is perfect for this.

The idea is that you create content that provides value to your customers by answering their questions, providing solutions to their problems and speaking to them in their language.

This automatically generates trust in your brand, which in turn leads to conversions and sales.


Increase Your Visibility

By regularly creating and sharing valuable content, you will boost your visibility online. The first way you do this is through SEO.

Content written around targeted keywords, as well as high-value content that is shared and linked to, leads to more chance of getting discovered in the search engines.

But you will also increase visibility through social media by sharing your original content. Over time, this will get shared more, leading more people to discover your content, and generating more followers.

As such, inbound marketing is perfect for attracting new businesses.


Encourage Repeat Business

A lot of inbound marketing focuses on getting discovered by new prospects and converting them into customers.

But it goes beyond this.

Inbound marketing involves continuously providing value. Once people have become customers, it doesn’t stop there. They continue to return to your website and your social media accounts to access your content, and you continue to reach out to them via email.

This allows you to constantly provide them with more value and build the relationship further, encouraging repeat sales.


It’s Measurable

By using a tool like Google Analytics, you can find out which content is generating the most traffic, which social channels are performing best, which blogs are generating engagement, and more.

Use what you learn to optimise your strategy, and keep on improving and getting better results.


Easy to Get Started

Small businesses can get started on a small budget. Creating the sort of content you need to create to get results takes time, but you can do it yourself.

Social media is free (unless you advertise), and email marketing is very inexpensive.

In short, you can start small and work your way up. You might want to spend more on your inbound marketing as you grow, but you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get started.


Start an Inbound Strategy

Inbound marketing is increasingly becoming the norm, and it’s one of the most successful ways to market online, no matter what your business or your budget. So start experimenting and see how effective it can be for your business.

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