Improving Mobile Website Conversions

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today Posted Sep 19th, 2014

Enhance conversions through your mobile website

For some time now business owners have been only too aware of the necessity to ensure their online presence can be effectively seen on all the new devices such as iPads, laptops, tablets and mobiles. However, with the desktop website often considered the main resource for conversions, the mobile website is rarely given the serious development it cries out for. This may explain part of the reason why, according to recent studies, even when internet search on mobiles and smartphones is booming, actual conversion rates remain low.

It is easy (and possibly a lot cheaper) to attempt to mimic the whole of your desktop website design for your mobile. But in doing so you will only end up frustrating your visitors as they are constantly left zooming in and out on a small screen, dealing with instructions that have no place on a mobile phone (such as print; opening videos which only use flash etc.) and having to master cumbersome navigation systems. Think in terms of what your visitor will be able to do and crop and enhance the design relative to this.

Mobile searchers are goal orientated

It has been said that all internet users are to some degree goal orientated. Mobile searchers are the same and perhaps even more so! They are likely to be looking for quick answers, instructions and directions to give them streamlined clear navigation. Simplify site architecture and make “calls to action”, well-defined and central. You don’t want the visitor to have to zoom off to find the right button. Don’t forget there is no hover facility on a mobile or smartphone to show exactly where to click. Ensure your links are clearly highlighted.

Speed matters

Your developer will either create a site which is responsive (i.e. it will adapt to all devices) or dedicated (designed especially for the mobile). If you have the latter ensure it is coded to be picked up by Google rather than the desktop website.  Your visitors will need to see solutions fast so this is no place for pages which take a lifetime to appear. Check the website for the most streamlined coding and get rid of any unnecessary large videos or graphics.

Cut the fluff!

Cut down on burdensome text and slim wording so it’s at a bare minimum. It is likely you will depend on small bold icons more to simplify directions. But get the balance right. Not everyone is “internet-minded” and may not instantly understand every icon out there. Compliment icons with brief powerful text were necessary.

Think telephone!

I’m leaving the most obvious tip until last. Your target audience is goal orientated and has a mobile phone in their hands. Make sure your call to action for telephone contact is clear and central. You may even want to skew options to make telephone contact the best option.

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