The Best Ways to Generate Traffic to Your Website in 2017

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today Posted Apr 11th, 2017

Traffic generation is one of the things we specialise in here at Web Results Direct. But what are the best ways to send targeted traffic to your site in 2017?

Digital marketing changes all the time, and it’s important to keep up to date with the developments to ensure you’re focusing your energy in the right areas.

Here are some of the best areas to focus on in 2017 if you want to generate targeted traffic to your site.



SEO, both on-site and off-site, is still one of the best ways to send targeted traffic to your site. And it’s becoming even more important as more and more people turn to the search engines to find what they are looking for.

The biggest development has been the move to mobile. Many people now simply speak into their mobiles to search for things online, and if you have not got a mobile-optimised website, you’re potentially missing out on a lot of traffic.

We’ll help you get your SEO campaign up, running and optimised to direct a regular stream of traffic to your site.

Start out by launching a blog. The more keyword-optimised content you have on your website in the first place the more chance you have of getting found.


Create and Share Content

While content creation is a part of SEO, it should also be looked at as a separate tactic. Content doesn’t just lead to links: it also generates traffic and builds authority.

We can help you to come up with a content strategy that goes beyond text-based content and includes infographics, courses, images, videos, podcasts and more.

Guest posts are another way to use content to drive traffic. Publish a valuable piece of content in a big blog or website and it can generate traffic to your site over many months and years.


Be Social

You need to be social in 2017. Social builds your brand and helps people to discover you, and it also drives traffic.

Social ads are a particularly good way to drive targeted traffic. You can use ads to send targeted prospects to your landing page, from where you can encourage them to sign up to your email list and then continue to send them high-value content.

We can also help with your social strategy and build conversion funnels to make the most of your leads.


Native Advertising and PPC

Native advertising is a powerful way to direct targeted traffic to your site. Instead of using standard ads, you use content to capture the attention of your target market and send them to your site, paying each time someone clicks on your content.

PPC also remains a great way to drive targeted traffic to your site. Using AdWords or a similar service, you can send visitors to your site at the exact moment they are looking for the products and services that you sell, then convert them into leads by encouraging them to sign up to your email list.


Drive More Traffic This Year

These are just the start when it comes to effective ways to drive traffic in 2017. Other options include creating a course, answering questions on Quora, being active in forums, creating presentations and holding webinars.

Whatever you do, choose a few tactics and focus on them. Don’t forget to check your analytics to find out where the best traffic comes from, and then optimise your marketing to drive even more traffic.

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