How Country and Equestrian businesses can make the most from SEO

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today Posted Sep 28th, 2016

So you’re a Sales and Marketing Director working for one of the UKs Country and Equestrian businesses which contributes over £4.3 billion of consumer spending to the UK economy. Your challenge is to reach a wider and increasingly digital savvy audience, an audience who are moving quicker than your business in their shopping habits. How can you stay on-top, to continue to evolve and get in front of these audiences when they are online and with their wallets open?

Using SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to reach new audiences

You know about SEO, you know how it is ensuring websites and points of sale are optimised and enhanced to maximise exposure for your brand; but you also know that the intricacies of SEO and the time available to get to grips with them might be a bigger ask than you are willing to commit to at this stage. That’s okay. There is not a person on this planet who can claim to be good at everything.

SEO is about understanding websites, what makes a poor one, what makes one NOT rank in Google, and importantly what will make improvements to your traffic. Ethically and above board. Totally transparent.

But that’s not just it. A website is no good if it attracts traffic, but does not function in a way a user expects it to. Because a user needs to act in a way you expect it to in order to drive sales.

SEO for Country brands; who to reach out too?

I’m well aware you will have the guiding hand of a specialist PR agency, and most of these firms are really good at what they do in a traditional way; print advertising and editorial, digital paid ad placements and press releases. But I wonder how many Country and Equestrian PR firms really truly could tell you what makes a great SEO strategy? But they do a great job in getting your brand consistently in front of your audiences right? But, we’re talking about reaching new audiences here not reminding your existing ones.

What can I expect from an SEO campaign?

This is a ‘how long is a piece of string’ question, numerous answers and very brand specific. You may have a runaway train of a social campaign, but a lacklustre web conversion rate; we would tailor your SEO campaigns to your objectives. Each brand, client and problem is unique; you are a specialist in your field, so are we.

Now the phrase ‘SEO’ might be a little misleading for the service you will receive. Let me explain.

When you come to me with your objectives you’ll receive an honest opinion on time-scales, cost and outcomes. I won’t promise you the moon on a stick unless I can get it for you. From me you’ll receive a dedicated account manager working for you, providing progress reports and recommendations for the next step.

I work with your site developers, and if you don’t have one can recommend some long term partner agencies who we feel comfortable introducing you to. Our campaigns are a collaborative process, a joining of efforts to achieve an outcome. How many times have you said a marketing agency has done that?

What experience do you have in the Country and Equestrian marketing fields?

As an agency, we deal with international telecommunication businesses, home-bred leisure resorts to small local catering firms. This should make you comfortable with dealing with us, as we know how to deal with people’s businesses, no matter how diverse. You could be trying to break a particular type of feed into the market, or launching a new type of cherry roller bit or simply need an overhaul and ground-up audit. We do it all and for all manner of clients.

Personally, I have worked as Digital Marketing Manager for the leading equestrian monthly magazine. I understand how the industry works, how your marketing works and when your prime or pinch points are.

Digital Marketing for the future of the Country and Equestrian industry

Your industry is booming, so is ours, we want to help you increase your reach and get in front of the audiences your business needs to outlive the competition and thrive.
If you think this sounds good, it’s because it may well be; contact us for a quick chat.

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