Google Plus for Businesses – Does your business need Google+ ?

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today Posted Feb 17th, 2015

Social media is an absolute necessity for creating an online presence for your website in the 21st century. There is no doubt that the big 4 (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) can all compliment online campaigns by generating leads, increasing brand awareness, creating powerful networking opportunities and boosting conversions.

However, aren’t we getting a little snowed under by all these constant tweets and micro messages?  Does a business really need a another social media outlet with Google +?

Well, yes, we do need Google Plus.

The fact is there are many benefits that Google + brings to that social media noise. The fact that the biggest search engine on the planet administers it needs to be taken seriously – more importantly, it also offers more features than some of the other social media sites.

But perhaps one of the major benefits of Google + is it allows you to organise how you organise your followers and how you contact them. It can make group campaigns a great deal easier and enhances the chances of like-minded people finding you.

Let’s break that down bit by bit.

When Google+ first appeared on the scene there was a general murmur of” what do we need another social media site for – Google is just jumping on the bandwagon”. But there is no getting away from the fact that in 2015 it is now the 5th biggest social media site according to eBiz.

More than that, it’s a product created by the world’s largest search engine where there is likelihood that future algorithms will be angled to pick up social media likes, +1’s and follows (in the same way it currently values likes).

It has to be a good investment to get your feet firmly entrenched in the Google results, especially when you consider the benefits of the Google My Business local search results.

Extra Google Plus features

Google + continues to evolve and offer highly effective tools that other social media sites do not.  Again, Google is one of the biggest internet enterprises out there and is getting close to monopolising the everyday tools we take for granted. As Google evolves and creates new products for business, Google+ naturally integrates very easily with all other Google products out there.

No need to just put text and pics up any more. It takes instant messaging to a new level. Hangouts are a bit like Skype and are a fast and organised way to conference call or just talk business stuff on the fly.

Google+ also has a cute little picture editing tool which means you can really go the whole way in making sure that new product is seen in the best possible light.

Insights allow you to check how your social media campaign on Google+ is going – just in the same way you use Google Analytics to analyse your website.

The Google My Business profile that ties in with Google Plus allows you to focus down on local search, which is critical for local business rankings and visibility.

The Google Plus Benefit: Organisation

We still think the great benefit about Google+ is that it is head and shoulders above other social media sites when it comes down to getting organised.

Google circles are perfect for targeting your messaging. Circles allow users to group followers according to interests or any other criteria you wish to assign (for example, current customers, prospects, competitors, or suppliers).

This means you can use groups to closely target your messaging. Participating in the communities allows you to raise brand awareness and nurture leads.

Will Google Plus stick around?

There are still those who eye Google Plus cautiously and, following the departure from Google of Vic Gundotra (the man assumed by many to be responsible for starting Google Plus), those who suggest that it is on its last legs.

However, Larry Page and Google seem intent on continuing Google Plus development so we suggest you withhold any possible scepticism for the moment and take the Google Plus plunge.

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