Cross-Channel Marketing Strategies

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today Posted Sep 18th, 2015

Cross-Channel Marketing: Top Strategies You Can Use

Cross-channel marketing is an evolution from multi-channel marketing. Whereas multi-channel simply means having a presence on multiple platforms (e.g. having an online store and sending out a physical catalogue), cross-channel marketing goes further.

It involves not only using the different channels but also making sure they work together seamlessly. It is the integration of your channels to engage with your customers wherever they are.

So what are some ways that you can use cross-channel marketing effectively?

QR Codes

People carry smartphones on them all the time now, which provides opportunities for combining print advertising with mobile. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by using QR codes.

By using a QR code in print ads, you allow your targets to quickly scan the ads and head to a landing page that you have set up specifically for that campaign. No matter how you use QR codes, they provide you with a way to reach out to consumers wherever they are and draw them into your online sales funnel.

Use Online Coupon Codes in Print Media

A similar technique is to use print media to provide consumers with coupon codes that they can redeem in your online store. You could do this in direct mail, your brochures, catalogues or anywhere else.

By providing them with a simple coupon code, you can encourage them to visit your online store. At the checkout, place a box where they can enter their code for a discount. You could then get them to sign up to your email list as well so you can reach out to them again and build a relationship with them.

And by using different coupon codes in different marketing materials, this will also provide you with valuable data about which marketing techniques are driving the biggest response.

Set Up a Retargeting Campaign

Retargeting is a fairly new marketing tactic that is proving increasingly popular. When a visitor lands on your website and investigates a product, they may leave without making a purchase. When you sign up with a retargeting company, cookies will be installed on the visitor’s browser so that you can then reach out to them again rather than lose them.

You can create targeted ads that appear when the visitor heads to another site on the network or visits their social media platform, enticing them back to make a purchase.

Online Coupons to Use In-Store

You could also set up online coupons that your customers can print off and use in your physical store. If you send out an email newsletter, consider adding a coupon into the body of the email that provides a special offer in your store for a limited amount of time, giving your subscribers more reason to head to your store.

Hashtags on TV and in Print Media

Hashtags are one of the simplest forms of cross-channel marketing. You will see them being used regularly on both print and TV advertisements, as well as being featured in TV programmes. These are a great way to get people engaged in your marketing campaigns by encouraging them to join the conversation on social media.

Try Out These Cross-Channel Marketing Techniques

These are just some of the most effective ways that you can use cross-channel marketing, so try them out for yourself. If you have only experimented with multi-channel marketing up until now, it could be time to develop your strategies and take advantage of all the benefits provided by cross-channel techniques.

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