Blogging for Business – 6 Reasons Why a Blog is Essential for your Business Website

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today Posted May 11th, 2015

 1. Optimise Google positioning: 

If you cannot be found on the search engines, you might as well take your website down. Studies show that on average searchers will only try links on page 1 of Google before they enter another search phrase, so the higher up on Google your website is – the better.

So how does Google determine a good site from a bad site? Google’s algorithms take a huge number of things into account when calculating where to rank a site in the Google index, and fresh quality content is one of these.

Websites that are constantly refreshing themselves with relevant new material can be seen as offering high quality content for their industry.

Therefore updating your website with frequent new and on-topic articles increases the chance of getting better rankings on the search engine results (SERPS).


2. Enhance online presence and increase leads:

Google and its sister search engines are essential for lead generation but social media and the myriad of online channels are as equally important to enhance your network and boost conversions.

Blogs and news articles can be a great asset here in the world of micro-posts. By linking to your latest blog or article, your social posts become more dynamic and lead your audience back to your website where they will find cutting edge information and secondary links to your services and products.

In addition, you can increase visibility even further by adding share icons to all the articles so your visitors can share your article (and products and services!) with their community…


3. Increase leads and conversions:

Once you have your target market at your website you need to make sure they convert.

For a start, you need quality content (the internet in this respect has finally caught up with the real world!) – if you give your visitors something good and substantial they are more likely to trust your brand, which at the moment may possibly be an unknown quantity.

You can use links within the text to highlight relevant services and products that your company offers. The article could also finish with an overall call to action, which leads your prospective buyers neatly to a contact page.

Conversely, the article could be purely informational – in this case, you need to make sure there are relevant calls to action in the sidebars.


4. Boost brand credibility:

A current up to date blog shows your visitors that your organisation is up to date with industry news and views.

The company is more likely to be seen as being made up of knowledgeable professionals within their fields, more likely to be trusted and hence conversions are likely to come more naturally without prospective buyers checking out your competition.


5. Increase website loyalty:

It is highly likely, when you have regular articles which offer substantial information to your target audience, that your visitors will want to return to your website.

Visitors are more likely to bookmark you for the future and share your articles with others. You can take this scenario one step further by introducing a function whereby visitors are emailed when a new article is available, or by inviting readers to subscribe to a regular newsletter.


6. Enhance brand awareness: 

By distributing your articles over the internet, you are clearly enhancing brand awareness. In addition, articles are a great way to instil your brand USP.

Perhaps most importantly, if your articles have a consistent style, tone and content your brand image will be broadened and it could also be given more of a personal touch.

The latter is especially useful with products and services, which are essential but not particularly “buyer friendly”.

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