AdWords Extensions: Get More Clicks on PPC Campaigns

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today Posted Dec 28th, 2015

We’ve carried out countless AdWords campaigns for our clients over the years. Very often, our clients are confused about all the things they have to consider when running a campaign, which is why it’s such a great option to hire a specialist in the first place.

But in addition to the ad copy, bidding, CPC, keyword research and everything else that goes into a successful PPC campaign, there is another thing to consider: AdWords extensions.

What Are AdWords Extensions?

AdWords Extensions provide extra information in your ads. While the standard ad includes a headline, two lines of copy and a display URL, extensions provide more.

In short, they make your ad stand out – and that can help to increase clicks.

For decades, print advertisers have been using visual tricks to help their ads stand out from the surrounding ads and get more attention. AdWords Extensions are no different. They can lead to more clicks and even a boost in conversions, which is why we recommend using them.

Types of Extensions

There are many extensions to choose from – see the full list on Google’s site. These are all easy to add by simply going into your AdWords account and finding ‘Ad Extensions’.

Here we’re going to look at four of our favourites: Call Extensions, Sitelinks Extensions, Review Extensions and Callout Extensions.


  1. Call Extensions

Call Extensions involves adding your company phone number to the ad. So if you have a business where you convert customers over the phone, this can be very effective.

People searching on mobiles can click on the number to call directly, and you can set up your campaign so that the ads only show to people on mobile devices. You can also display your ads only when you are available to take calls.

Because call extensions make your ad stand out, they can also increase normal clicks, making them even more appealing.


  1. Sitelinks Extensions

Sitelinks Extensions display links to pages within your website alongside your standard ad. These could include links to the pricing page, about page, service pages, etc, and they appear below the standard ad copy.

You can choose between showing just a few words and showing the words with extra text, and Google then chooses which version to display.


  1. Review Extensions

Review Extensions are effective because they allow you to insert some social proof right into your ads. Social proof is one of the most persuasive ways to get people to take action. It’s why so many companies use testimonials on their websites (and why you should use them too!)

These extensions add third-party reviews to your AdWords ads from sites like TrustRadius and TrustPilot (but not reviews from your own website). There are a number of rules involved, but these extensions are well worth experimenting with.


  1. Callout Extensions

Another great way to give your ad some extra oomph is to use Callout Extensions. With these, you can simply add compelling copy and extra bits of persuasive information.

How does your business stand out? Do you provide free delivery, guarantees, low price or free shipping? Mentioning these in your ad could be all it takes to get more clicks.


No Reason Not to Try Them

Getting your ads noticed should lead to more clicks, and more targeted clicks at that. There is no reason not to experiment with ad extensions. They don’t cost any more per click, and for most extensions you just pay when the extension is clicked in the same way as when your ad is clicked.

Surely that’s worth testing?

We can set up your PPC campaign for you, whether you want standard ads or ads with mobile numbers. At Web Results Direct, our Google AdWords Certified Professionals have helped many of our clients enjoy higher conversions and excellent ROI from AdWords, so let us help. You may find out that it is the perfect way to drive more calls to your business.

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