Advertising on Twitter: How to set up advertising for your business with Twitter

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today Posted Apr 30th, 2015

Most social media platforms allow businesses to set up advertising on their accounts and Twitter, which is out there leading the pack with Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google+, is no exception.

However, advertising on Twitter does not involve creating the traditional micro ad that is seen in the right columns of sites and accounts.

The primary goal of Twitter advertising is to boost your efforts as you execute your marketing campaigns. It is focussed on enhancing engagement, developing positive relationships and, via links back to your site, driving relevant site traffic.

Your primary goals may be:

  • Grow Followers
  • Increase website clicks or conversions
  • Tweet engagements
  • Increase app installs
  • Increase leads on Twitter

So, where do you start?

To get your campaign up and running you need to visit Twitter’s advertising pages.  You will need to sign up or sign into your account first.

Once you sign in, the system will want to know more about your business so it can assist you in creating the most effective posts, pick up the most appropriate followers/groups and link into the most powerful trending topics.

You will also be asked for bank account details but do not worry as this will only be used when you create a campaign with clear time boundaries. Also, you can stop the campaign at any time.

The three types of Twitter advertising

Promoted Accounts

The most essential factor for creating a powerful presence on Twitter is developing a large group of followers who are likely to be interested in your industry, products and services. Even the greatest posts are useless if your target audience is not around to act upon them.

To the top right hand side of your Twitter stream is the box “who to follow”. From here, you can pick and choose tweeters who it would be useful to follow.

With a promoted account Twitter uses your business information (such as location and industry) to place your account at the top of that list so tweeters looking for followers will see you first. This in effect is the same principle as the ads at the top of Goggle’s search pages.

This tool can also have a kind of “surfing” effect. As you visit others you wish to follow – those at the top of the follow list are most likely to be appropriate to your business.

Promoted Tweets

Now you need to get those tweets seen by as many tweeters as possible. Promoting your tweet will also make it as engaging as possible. When your tweet is promoted, it will be seen in expanded view and will be at the top of search results for relative keywords. Consequently, your attempts at sharing content, enhancing brand awareness, building a brand voice and offering deals are greatly magnified.

Promoted Trends

Topics which are very popular on Twitter are said to be “trending”. When your topic is promoted, it is moved to the top of the trending list. Overall, Promoted Trends simply gives your business the ability to start a trending topic on Twitter. Promoted Trends are great for:

  • Building mass awareness for product launches
  • Building mass awareness for events
  • Brand building by association

Twitter analytics

To ensure your campaigns are hitting the target, and to enable you to streamline future campaigns, Twitter offers its own analytics pages (a kind of stripped down version of Google Analytics) Twitter analytics can be found here: .

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