Bing and Facebook: 2 Alternatives for Your Online Advertising

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today Posted Jul 18th, 2016

There are so many options when it comes to advertising online. The main platform that most marketers choose to start with is AdWords. In fact, when anyone talks about PPC, they often mean AdWords.

And it’s hardly surprising.

Google is the dominant search engine, and if you want to advertise online, it’s the first place you look.

We help businesses of all sizes maximise the power of their AdWords campaigns. There’s a lot involved if you want to enjoy a greater ROI – and when you get it right, it can be amazing.

But does that mean you should stop at AdWords? There are many other options available, and here’s a guide to two of the best you may want to experiment with: Bing Ads and Facebook Adverts.

Bing Ads

When it comes to direct competitors, Bing Ads is the only one that really challenges AdWords. However, Bing is still a long way behind Google, and many advertisers therefore decide to ignore it.

But this could be a mistake.

Because despite the smaller size of Bing, it offers a number of potential reasons to use it.

For a start, cost-per-clicks (CPC) can work out as cheaper than Google. And because it is less competitive, you may be able to get your ads into better positions for less.

So even though fewer prospects overall may see your ads compared to AdWords, you could still get a good ROI from your efforts.

There are other features that many marketers like about Bing, such as the ability to target location at the ad group level compared to the campaign level in AdWords.

So all in all, it’s well worth trying out.

Facebook Adverts

Advertising on Facebook used to be a problem because people did not want to see ads when they chatted with their friends and shared photos on social media.

But we’ve now become used to advertising. As a result, the platform is proving highly popular with marketers.

The benefit of Facebook is that it is so well targeted. The platform allows you to target your prospects based on a huge range of demographics as well as things like a user’s likes and dislikes.

You can therefore reach out to exactly the people you want to reach – and there is a good chance that your target prospects are using Facebook on a daily basis.

However, if you decide to experiment with Facebook, remember that this is different from search advertising. People are not actively searching for your solutions on Facebook in the same way as they are on Bing or Google.

In fact, your ads will be more of a distraction.

For that reason, it’s often best to use Facebook Adverts for building brand awareness, directing people to your Facebook page, or sending them to a landing page on your website to capture leads.

Images are also a very important element of your ads because you have to stand out and be noticed amidst all the entertaining posts surrounding your ad.

So it is a very different platform, but it could certainly prove worthwhile for many marketers.

Experiment with Different Platforms

Bing Ads and Facebook Adverts are two of the biggest advertising platforms and they are well worth trying out for yourself. They might work for your business, but they might not, and it is worth experimenting with them.

But remember that these are just the start. Twitter and LinkedIn both provide advertising options, and you could look into a native advertising platform like Outbrain as well. The important thing is to try out different platforms and find out which work best for your business.

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