5 Ways to Build Trust Online & Make Your Prospects Instantly Trust You

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today Posted Apr 28th, 2017

Trust is such an important factor when you sell goods and services online. If you don’t win the trust of your website visitors, they won’t buy from you. So how do you get them to trust you as soon as they arrive?

Here are five simple but essential guidelines to follow on your site.

Get a Great Design with Fast-Loading Pages

One of the clearest ways to send visitors fleeing is to have a website that looks like it was designed by an amateur.

You wouldn’t design your own brochure, so don’t design your own website (even though it is easier than ever these days).

You want to present a professional image of your business from the moment your prospects land on your site, and you can only do that with a professional design.

Another big concern should be slow-loading pages. If your website users have to wait around every time they click a link, they will leave the site so sort this out quickly.

Slow websites are not only frustrating – they also imply you don’t care about the user experience.

Check out Google’s PageSpeed tools to find out what state your website is in, then get a developer to sort out any problems.


Show Off Your Big-Name Customers

If you’ve served some well-known brands in the past, don’t hide away this fact. Shout about it right on your home page or product pages.

If visitors can see that some big-name customers are prepared to work with you, this instantly suggests that they can trust you.


Provide All of Your Contact Info

Be as open as possible on your website and don’t try to hide anything. Ideally, you should include as much contact information as possible along with a map of your location.

People like to know that you are a real business with a real office. It gives them security. So make it clear that you’re more than just a website.

It also helps to talk about your team. Provide a list of all the people who work for you, and include photos and a short description of each person. Not only will this help to increase trust but it’s also the perfect opportunity to demonstrate your brand’s personality.


Display Testimonials and Case Studies

People trust the views of other people more than they trust your views about yourself. This is a concept called social proof, and you can use it to increase trust with visitors.

The easiest way to do this is to add some of your best testimonials directly to your website. Even better, add a few detailed case studies as well.

By doing this, you’ll show visitors that you walk the walk rather than just talk the talk.


Show that You Take Security Seriously

Everyone is paranoid about security online these days, so don’t make them worry more than they have to.

If you ask for personal information (like an email address) or you take payments on your site, make it crystal clear that you take your security seriously.

A detailed privacy policy is an essential first step, but also add some security symbols like the Norton Secured Seal to give your prospects an extra confidence boost.


Boost Trust, Boost Your Business

These are just a few of the ways that you can win your prospects’ trust as soon as they land on your website. None of them are difficult to implement, so use them on your website as soon as you can to encourage more trust from your visitors – and win more business.

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