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Shelfstore are an E-Commerce retailer who specialise in modular multipurpose bookcase, shelving, and storage systems. They sell primarily B2C, but also do work in the B2B sector. 

visibility Improved Time on Site & Pages per Session from PPC Traffic
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trending_up 135%

Increase in PPC Revenue whilst Spend Dropped 7%

ads_click 244%

Improvement in PPC E-Commerce Conversion Rates

paid 15%

Average Order Value Increase

The Aims

What Were Their Objectives?

The core focus was to improve the efficiency of the existing PPC campaigns. PPC performance had risen significantly, although unnaturally, during the COVID pandemic, and the start of 2022 resulted in a (fully expected) slow-down of online sales as restrictions were lifted. This was coupled with the global supply chain issues that affected many industries. 

WRD’s goal was to manage the lower volumes of available traffic and ensure that the campaigns were being as efficient as they could be in regards to balancing cost against revenue, as well as improving the quality and relevancy of users arriving at the site via Paid campaigns. 

Performance in 2022 was mapped against 2019 data (pre COVID) in order to avoid the unnatural spikes observed during 2020 and 2021.   

The Actions

What Did We Do?

In order to drive improvements, and generate increased revenue from lower traffic volumes, WRD tested and implemented a wide range of campaign enhancements. These included: 

  • Introducing Automated Bidding via ‘Google Ads Experiments’. These Experiments allowed WRD to run a 50/50 test on Manual Bidding against Automated (Maximise Conversions) Bidding 
  • This proved to be a great success for specific campaigns where we saw strong results from the automated bidding. The Manual Bidding campaign had a conversion rate 12.72% while the new experiment campaign saw a conversion rate of 26% – This was an increase of 106%. Following the success of the campaign, the Experiment was applied, and the original campaign was paused 
  • We introduced Responsive Search Ads (RSAs) across the account in line with best practice, and with an aim of further improving CTR and Conversion Rates 
  • We undertook a variety of bidding experiments on specific campaigns to drive more commercial/high value sales 
  • Continual bid optimisation was carried out, focussed towards cost reductions on higher cost-per-acquisition (CPA) keywords   
  • WRD focussed heavily on Competitor Impression Share & Impression Top % Analysis throughout the year to understand Shelfstore Ad Presence and Visibility versus key competitors  

The Results

  • Total Google Ads spend fell 7% in 2022 relative to 2019. Despite this, revenue from Google Ads as a channel grew 135% in 2022 highlighting the improved efficiency and growth of the channel
  • Transactions from Paid campaigns were up 196% in 2022, when compared with 2019, while the PPC E-Commerce conversion rate improved by 244%.
  • The average visit time from PPC improved 7% when comparing 2022 to 2019 while Pages per Session increased 5% on average.
  • Revenue across all channels increased 10% while the Average order value improved 15% as a direct result of the PPC campaign improvements
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